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Advanced logic Technology has been designing and manufacturing first class imaging tools for 10 years. The company has been active implementing new concepts to enhance the tools.

The latest generation of ALT acoustic televiewer is a multi-echo system that gives optimum performance under a wide range of borehole conditions and is an improvement over existing single echo acoustic televiewer tools. The ABI40 is well suited for high resolution casing inspection Surveys.
To know more, you may download the hardware newsletter 2nd issue.

The ABI85 is a new generation of high temperature and high-pressure acoustic imaging tool for the geothermal industry. The tool operation and functionality remain the same as the low temperature ABI. (275°c/1400 bars) To know more, click here

We are currently developing an ABI43 a higher T and P rated version of ABI40 following client requirements. The new tool will have a 43mm OD and will be rated 125°c-800 bars.