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Acquisition systems (PDF)
ALT’s family of acquisition systems is based on modern electronic design in which software control techniques have been used to the best advantage. The hardware incorporates the latest elextronic components with embedded systems controlled via the specifically developed ALTlogger Windows interface program.
ALT borehole logging systems can be supplied as compact portable units or can be mounted on logging vehicles.

Main features
high speed USB interface
Self selecting AC power source from AC 100V to AC 240V
Ruggedised system, heavy duty, fault tolerant
Interfaces downhole probes from many manufacturer
Wireline and winch flexibility (runs on coax, mono, 4 or 7 conductor wireline)
Compatible with most shaft encoder (runs on any 12V or 5V quadrature shaft encoder with any combination of wheel circumference/shaft pulse per revolution)
Totally software controlled
Very easy to use, with graphical user interface (dashboard), self diagnostic features, configurable through files and minimal technical knowledge needed from the user
Runs on any notebook PC compatible Windows 2000& Windows XP
Real time data display and printing
Support Windows supported printers and Printrex thermal printers
Optional network enabled distributed architecture

ALTlogger 19” rack and minirack
ALTlogger 19
The rack system has been designed to accommodate multivendor tool types. The modular and flexible design architecture of the system will allow virtually any logging tool to run on any winch supposed the required Tool Adapter and Depth Encoder Adapter is inserted into the ALTlogger Unit. Any new combination of logging tool and winch unit will just require selection of the proper ALTlog.ini File and the proper Tol-file.
The Tool adapter is the software and hardware suitable to interface a specific family of tools. It provides the interface between a tool specific power, data protocol and wireline conductor format and the system core. When a logging tool is selected for use, the system automatically addresses the type of adapter associated with the tool.
The latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) adapter adds even more flexibility to the system with expansion slots for future development and upgrades. This adapter is a 100% firmware based modem, which makes a specific tool adaptation possible at minimum cost for the end user.
Digital Signal Processing
If you want to get the updated list of tools that can be interfaced to the system,



The well logging tool industry has seen the multiplication of telemetry standards with constantly evolving specifications and performance. Matrix is a revolutionary system. It consists of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) directly linked with the wireline through a pair of ultra fast high resolution A/D and D/A converters. Telemetry details are handled by software providing unparalleled flexibility and upgrade possibilities. The system automatically identifies logging tool protocol without operator intervention.

If you want to get the updated list of tools that can be interfaced to the system,


Acquisition system software
The acquisition system ALTLogger software runs on Windows OS and exploits the true pre-emptive multitasking ability of the Windows NT Kernel.

Dashboard Dashboard
The heart of the graphical user interface is called the Dashboard and consists of multiple threads running concurrently and handling specific system tasks. The dashboard is also the operator’s control panel. It is used to select and control all systems functions and to monitor data acquisition.

Browser and processors (real time data monitoring)
A browser is a client process. The browser offers the operator of the logging system a number of different on-line display facilities to present log data on the screen in a user-friendly, easy controllable, attractive layout. Depending on the tool category, different Browser are used to display log data such as conventional curves, full wave form sonic, borehole images…
Browser and processors

Tol file
Information specific to a particular tool is contained in a unique tool configuration file, which has the extension *. TOL Information contained in the *TOL file is used by different components of the system for initializing Dashboard components (tool power, data protocol, etc…) as well as setting parameters for client processes (browser and processors) handling data calibration, data processing, data display or printing. A copy of the TOL file is included in each data file acquired.